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We offer the most complete selection of Indoor Tanning Acrylics found on the Internet

These replacement acrylics are proudly made in the USA in Kansas City, Missouri by Sterling Acrylics.  Sterling was established in 1991 and remains the leader in technology and sales of indoor tanning acrylics.  They provide over 2500 different styles and up to 97% of all replacement shields used by US distributors and equipment manufacturers of tanning beds and stand up booths sold in the USA.  Please buy American and keep feeding our business cycle, not China's.  Our customer service representative is Andy and he can be reached at 800-667-9189 or email him here if you have questions about your order or need a tracking number.

Our expert level customer help is provided by Andy, a manufacturer of new tanning beds called the Tropical Rayz brands and South Beach stand up booths.   With 25+ years industry experience,  Andy has personal experience buying and changing many different acrylic types and sizes and will help you change yours for free via the telephone or text messaging.  Please call him at 800-667-9189 , from 8 am to 6 pm est, Monday thru Saturday, or email him here

If you need help with determining the best way to order, please call.  We will walk you through the ordering process on the telephone if needed.  Please review our shipping and returns policy here before placing an order.

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