Learn How to Place an Indoor Tanning Acrylic Order Here

There are many different sizes and types of tanning bed acrylics to choose from, but only 1 fits your bed

When ordering indoor tanning acrylics and you do not know the model of your tanning bed or stand up booth, please use a soft-cloth tape measure to obtain the length, width and depth of your needed replacement.  Once you have obtained the length and width measurements, note the number of "bends" (see inset photo below) and determine if the bed has "facial lamps" andhow to measure tanning acrylics what the "masking" pattern looks like.  Masking is the white or black tape manufacturers place on the clear acrylics to block the users view of internal components. 

Also determine if you want to order the "canopy" or "bench" acrylic, or both.  In most cases, like Wolff Sunquest series, Heartland Tan America, and ETS brands, we can match up the size with the name and model number which you can choose from our list located here.  You will find the model number on the manufacturer's data plate located on the back bottom of the unit or the power supply area along with the serial number and date of manufacture.  If you need help during the ordering process, please call 800-667-9189 or email us here.   Packaging and shipping these acrylic shields and lamp covers is a difficult task because they are extremely large and fragile so please review our shipping and returns policy here

Most carriers may charge up to $200 to ship these oversized items and we can put up to 3 acrylics in one box for the same price without going to another weight class; therefore, you can save money by shipping up to 3 acrylics in the same box.  We accept all major credit cards.

This website carries a wide variety of shields and lamp covers for all stand up booths made different bends of an indoor tanning acrylicin the USA, Germany and Italy over the past 30 years.  If you know the manufacturer and model of your device you may select it from our list located here for faster ordering.  Click on "Add to Cart" to buy your acrylic online or call 800-667-9189 for telephone orders. 

Please specify the "bench" or "canopy" and how many of each with this shipment.  Keep in mind, our packaging and shipping cost is $99 for sending up to 3 acrylics, so you save money when ordering more than one.  call 800-667-9189 or email us here with questions before ordering.

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